Wednesday, July 16, 2008

yay. yay. yay.

i cant wait to see you.
love you.
check your email
mr. transformer


Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday, June 23, 2008

dear rodney neda told me about the car crash and i m really sorry for you but i know you feel better now take care of you man and still painting and laughing and still the same you are great personne i hope to see again in nyc and in marseille big kiss from a french grazy painter david

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Friday, June 20, 2008

Keep feeling better!

Hey Buddy-
I was happy to talk with you online today, and it's fantastic that you're home. Keep it up!


....but the mr. white i know will go above and beyond anyone's expectations.

love you,
i'm glad your back home!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Rodney -

I hope my story has (or will) traveled to you by way of Jelsen. Mind you - what a wonderful man he is!

It's a large world .. and yet such a small one. I don't know you but can only wish you the very best in your recovery and share that your artwork (not to mention what seems like - as I've read the entries below - quite the formidable person) has been a real inspiration across the globe.

(I'm no artist myself but I dabble here and there in photography. Figured I'd include one of my pictures that I find puts a calm ease to myself.)

Thank you.


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Rodney Will Appreciate // Coming Home, Soon

...stay tuned, folks. he's just days away from walking out of the hospital.

- jelsen

Friday, June 13, 2008

T'kai says......"Get Well"


T'kai wanted to send you a picture to brighten up your day. We both hope that this puts a smile on your face. Continue to get better.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mr. White

I'm not the best at expressing my feelings, partner. All I can say is that I love you and miss you. I will see you when you make it home.
PS- There are much easier ways to get strange women in uniform to bathe you. When you're back at 100%, I'll take you to a spot I know just outside of Prague... ;)

With love,
S. Baphomet
Hey Rodney,

I just found out about your accident today, as you know, since you are the one who told me. I am so sorry that I am just now finding out and that I was not there for you. You are by best friend and I would have been there. T'kai is sad to hear the news about her godfather, but she sends you a get well kiss. I wish you a swift recovery and I will come when you get home.

Love ya,

Monique and T'kai

Donovan says... GET BETTER SOON!

Hi Rodney,

Cheryl told me yesterday about your terrible accident and I just wanted to let you know that I am think of you!! So glad to hear that you are a miracle child, and doing much better. I know that I am a day late, but better late then never, right?

Here is a picture of my son Donovan. Its a funny one, he's 10 months now- thought you'd get a chuckle out of it.

XX Emily


hi rodney,
it seems only yesterday that i bumped into you at tekserve. i remembered you
looked good, u made me smile and you collected a ticket. simply because you
like to collect. then recently i heard what had happened. i was worried and
although i don't know you well, i had a feeling in my gut that told me ..."
he's healing, he's doing well, he's going to be alright". so i was directed
to your blog,
so here i am. and as i'm reading and watching. it's happening again. you
look good, i'm smiling and your collecting again. only this times it's
messages, notes and love and friends.
keep on keeping on. you're gonna be alright. my stomach told me :)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

rodney messages...

so last night i was sitting at the kitchen table... started taking a look at all the paintings you have up right now and realized wow... these words of inspiration apply to your own situation... talk about taking one's own advice:

"nothing beats a miss but a try"

"repair you broken wings"

"dreaming is the fountain of youth"

"time is change happening"

"6 million ways to die, only one chance to get it right"
(except for in your case of course, miracle baby)


It's been awhile my man


Got the news through the long and winding grapevine you've surrounded yourself with and you've been in my prayers ever since. Haven't talked to you in ages, but I've followed your progress through friends. You continue to amaze - and quite honestly, humble - me with your ceaseless energy and the incredible work that flows from it. The word 'gifted' is so cliched these days - hell, if you've got a 5 year-old who can read, they throw her in a 'gifted' class – but you truly are 'gifted'. You have a way of seeing the world that's not shared by everyone - and that is their loss. I will continue to pray for a quick recovery for you. To help with that, I've attached a picture of Emma, now 5 (remember - she's the one that while in utero you swore was yours. As this picture shows, you may be right:-) By the way, that's Jack, 2, in the background. He's definitely not yours.

Wishing you all the love and peace one can wish,

Wally (and by proxy, Janice, Emma and Jack) Stoneman.

Monday, June 9, 2008



When do we get to talk about WingWang again? Yup, baseball cap, chinos, button down, diapers and all. I can't wait to see you! Thank you for keeping yourself together for all of us. We all Love Rodney White!! Talk to you soon!


Sending thoughts and prayers from atlanta

hey mr rodney! i learned of your accident just this past saturday through stefan and i want you to know all of us here in atlanta at e weber gallery are pulling for you and sending you prayers, strength and are an amazing inspiration to me, my clients and all the other people who have been inspired and moved by you and your artwork! hang in there and know your friends "down south" are pulling for your complete recovery! i hope you are on your feet again very soon and back to filling the world with inspiration and all that is beautiful in the world. all the best, get some rest and pass this test! your friend, eric

Friday, June 6, 2008

Love from old Friends...and new ones!

Rodney, it has been so long. Years really since I have seen you and more years since we have talked.

I was so sad to hear about your accident. Demeterious told me about it. I was shocked, but knew that you would come out of this on the other side, in a beautiful and wonderful way.

I have a daughter now, Rodney and she has made me appreciate life so much more, and I know that your appreciation for life has been magnified as well. I just know that now its ok to stop and smell the roses.

May your life be reflected in your art, and your art in your life, and may we all be affected by it, so that we are transformed to experience the love that you put into it. Loving you and Praying for your recovery, that it may be speedy, and productive.

Love Shannon and Ruby Lea

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

rodney's got jokes

haha... i'm so glad you are crakin'your jokes again, i love it when you make my belly ache. i guess this means we are getting closer to enjoying yet another one of our overseas voyages. a trip just wouldn't be the same without your commentary. where are we going next?

Rodney and James Taylor

It was so great to see you Friday. 
Even better than seeing you--
was seeing you smile.
I heard this song today (don't ask why)
and it made me think of you.

No one can tell me that I'm doin' wrong today
Whenever I see you smile at me
No one can tell me that I'm doin' wrong today
Whenever I see your smilin' face my way
No one can tell me that I'm doin' wrong today
No one can tell me that I'm doin' wrong today


Rodney Appreciates // Shits'n'Giggles


- jelsen

Sunday, June 1, 2008

goodnight moon

Just wanted to share the moon that Neda and I saw this morning at 5am as we got home after a fun girls' night of martinis and "Sex & the City" with Sofia and some friends...

We're thinking of you all the time, sending strength and love.  See you soon!

- Katie


Rodney! It was great seeing you yesterday. You are looking great and I'm sure you will be out in no time. Been thinking of you everyday and I'm sending you all the good energy I can. I came across this photo we did together in 2002. I believe this is only the second or third time I had met you. Just goes to show the kind of person you are. Always there to help and willing to give a hand... even in your boxers. ;0)
I think I speak for everyone when I say that you inspire us to strive for our best. You've got a lot to give to this world and I can't wait to see what comes next. You are an inspiration...
See you soon!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Rodney Appreciates // ALL OF US

Since Rodney's recovery's on a fast-track he's allowed more and more visitors everyday. He's loving it.

His visiting hours are from 4pm - 8pm.
Bellevue Hospital

Stop by and give him a hi-5
- jelsen

Life Is Always In Progress...

... my beautiful friend. The world is not ready for what you are going to do next.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Dearest Rodney

A silly moment in Cabos. We are sending warm hugs and smiles to you from Miami. we think about you everday when we look at our calendar...celebrate are inspiration.
thank you! love. leah & jorge

To Rodney from DesignWorks

Hey Rodney its Dave. We made this video to show you all the stuff that will be waiting for you once you get back. Get well soon man!

*p.s. I look awkward, not used to being in front of the camera!

The world thru your eyes

I wasn't able to hang out with you this weekend, so instead I thought I'd walk around the city and try to see things the way you would. And I have to thank you because you gave me the most amazing gift: I saw beauty in places I normally wouldn't have. I saw humanity in people that normally would have frustrated me. I saw a thousand precious moments that I normally would have missed. And I saw poetry on street signs. I also walked a lot slower. (tough for me to do) And smiled a lot more. (thanks to you).
-LC (the original)

Monday, May 26, 2008

Addams Family, Papi, Capetown...

Here are a few pics from old shoots. Great talking to you yesterday and I know you'll be back real soon.
Keep Fightin'

Sunday, May 25, 2008

3 really is the magic number...

Funny that as soon as I read Emily's post, I came across a picture of Rodney wearing this zip-up with the #3 on it. Coincidence? Hmmm. And I had to post this other picture... this one's for all the ladies out there...

Rodney, I just want you to know that I cannot wait to see what kind of things come from you through this experience. I know your work & your life & your connections with people are going to be richer for it, & I can't wait for that part to come along for you. I know it will soon. You have been taking a rest for a little while & you are just now coming back to us. Take your time & go at your own pace. We will all be here waiting for you, with big smiles on faces. 

I remember a few years back,  you said to me, "Things are about to turn around for you & I, in just a few months, you wait & see," as we had both been going through trying situations at the time. A few months went by, & you were right, things were on that upswing again for both of us. So now it's my turn to say to you, "You just wait, Rodney, in just a few months, things are going to be quite turned around for you, you just wait & see."

Oh - almost forgot. Congratulations on winning that Gold Pencil. Nice job.

Michelle Matthews

Rodney Would Appreciate // This Flashback!

tee hee. i think we were air singing, on this stage, at a closing bar (around 5am), without an audience - enthusiastically.

gotta love it,
- jelsen


Rodney, I think of you all the time. The postcard that you gave me is posted by my computer at work and I see your inspirational art work and words everywhere! I can tell you it never loses it luster to see a lithograph of yours. I excitedly text my sister no matter where I see your work whether it be Target or at the high end framing store… every time! When I saw your calendar at Barnes and Noble, patrons near me thought I had turrets syndrome, I think I yelled out loud in joy. Your success is a delight!

I feel so fortunate to have had dinner with you in the North End of Boston. Do you remember? It was a sparkling snow storm…you, Stephanie, Ali, and I had dinner, tucked in the glow of the most authentic Italian restaurant. Like it was yesterday I can remember being completely enamored by you, your stories, just how beautiful you are. I remember thinking how cool you were to write down your inspirations in a notebook or a napkin right at the moment you felt something. I had a chance to meet you and get a glimpse of your tremendous amount of character, depth, and sincerity… it’s no wonder I think so fondly of meeting you all those years ago.

Along with your loved ones and dear friends…so many feel blessed by your presence and your work. I believe that your amazing creative energy will manifest itself into healing! In the mean time, please know I am joining the masses and sending my love and hope for speedy recovery.


smile from a new friend

dearest, superest, duperest Rodney:
i hope this little smile brings a little smile to your
face. you've been in our thoughts everyday and we wish
you a speedy recovery.
lots of love-- Aalia, Paul and Damien

Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Magic Number

You & I always joke about our friendship: how can two people be such good friends, yet so different from one another? I think back to one time we were walking down the street in the Highlands (Atl) and you were talking to me about numerology. I'm sure I was rolling my eyes - though I'm in awe and respect of your creative, artistic mind (something I don't have) - numerology is not my bag and I had to chalk it up to another one of our many differences.

... A few days after your accident, while I was feeling low, anxious and scared for you, I looked at the calendar (your calendar that you gave me, actually) and a quick, sharp laugh bursted out! They say humor and sorrow go hand-in-hand, and I could not help but once again roll my eyes. Leave it to you, Rodney, to get in this accident on the 3rd! The number "3" being a hugely powerful and symbolic number - a favorite of yours and one that shows up in your art - or as Schoolhouse Rock puts it, "three is the magic number."

You know, I might become a believer after all... Sending you good energy and numbers and hugs. Emily

Thursday, May 22, 2008

celebrate yourself...

...amongst the mall madness of christmas shopping in suburban minnesota, I came across your calendar at borders.  I was SO excited...I showed my mom and said, "this is my friend rodney's calendar!!"  I was so happy that your work was getting national attention, I just had to buy it...a christmas gift for myself.  Now, I look at it every day, next to my desk...

when neda told me about your accident, I was in seems so surreal.   I've been searching for the right words to say, but realized it's more important just to let you know that you're in my thoughts and I can't wait to see you well again.

it meant a lot to me that you came out to my birthday last year...I promise I'll return the birthday kiss this year!  Gotta show that libra love...

It's been too long....

I've thought of you many times over the years.  Matt & I finally took the plunge on St. Patty's Day 2007.  This is such a great picture of you, grabbing the bull by the horns and relishing all that life has to offer.  That's what you do... live your life to the absolute fullest.  
We should all follow your lead.

Much love,

Matt & Trish Spaulding

Something New to Conquer

I just found out today about the accident from a friend of a friend of a friend. Feels like we were just texting a few weeks ago, but when I checked, it was April. Time flies when you've got a toddler. I found this site looking for more info online.

It's incomprehensible to think of something bad happening to you. In all the years I've known you, your talent and energy and love seemed to place you in a realm far removed from everyday occurrences such as being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Then all l I could think about is how you've probably already turned this experience into ideas for countless poems, paintings, and other sources of inspiration. Knowing you, a slot on Oprah and a book deal are also in the works. And suddenly I'm smiling despite myself.

Dan and I are thinking of you, and tonight you will be in all our prayers - even Owen's, who I can't wait for you to meet. It's so great to read all the posts and see how loved you are and how many people you've touched.

With love from Stephanie Dehner


i know you love this one. this is the look you gave me today when you were waiting for water ;)

love u

I Only Remember Laughter

i thought of all the years we've known each other and all i could recall was laughter. they say that adults only laugh 15 times a day! they must of never met you. heal soon dude, we still have a whole world to inspire! i love you man.... in the most manliest way possible.

your brother

demetrious 11:11

Hey Rodney, the world is a better place today now that we've been able to see the shine in your eyes. The picture of monks I met in Asia has reminded me of the power of karma, and if there's anyone who has good things coming their way, it's you. Miss you. -L


my dear friend: you're always in my thoughts. i look around and there is always something that reminds me of you. can't wait to see you back in action, which i know will be soon. i miss you.
much love,

Water is better than sex...

Two nights ago I was bedside with Rodney and he was much more alert than he had been in days... THEN HE SPOKE. In a very raspy, low voice he struggled to communicate with me. I'm sure he was annoyed because I kept asking him to repeat. "Rodney, I'm sorry but I don't understand. Say it again." "Baby, I still can't hear you. Try to enunciate..." And then it came. Loud and clear. Rodney said "I'M THIRSTY!" Just to make sure it wasn't my imagination, "Rodney if you just said you're thirsty squeeze my hand." Firm squeeze.
So I ran to get the nurse who disappointingly informed me that Rodney was not allowed to drink anything yet. She also told me that patients are typically thirsty when they come out of their deep sleep. "At this point", she said "water is better than sex." His first request goes unfulfilled. [sigh]

love from tokyo


Doug and I got everyone together in Tokyo to wish you well. I told them how wonderful you are and the turn out was huge....

Sending you much love!

you crack me up...

Cheryl x

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Rodney. It's Stefan. Call me when you get this!

My cheeks hurt.

Every morning these past weeks, I've been talking to your picture on our wall,"caressed" your cheeks and blown kisses to it.
Imagine my joy when you today talked to me, caressed my cheeks and blew me a kiss. My cheeks are hurting - not from you pinching them, but from me smiling so hard all day long. Thank you, buddy

Lofty Loftin'

I don't have any pics of us so I'll paint a virtual one as clear as the images in my head. I hear the tunes from the stairwell, enter to see you as the true Master of Ceremonies. Multitaskin' in full effect. letting amateur DJ's select tunes from your vast collection (somehow, this actually works and everyone dances all night), hanging coats on an actual coatrack?!, guiding lovely ladies to the island counter bar, filling bowls of munchies, introducing fellow creative folks to eachother, and on and on....
We don't hang nearly enough. It means a lot to me when our paths cross in this crazy town and I know that will happen again soon,

Rodney Would Appreciate // &

Yes he sure would.
- jelsen